Yahoo! acquisition of Indextools
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10. apríl 2008

Yahoo! acquisition of Indextools

Indextools, which is undisputedly one of the hottest and sharpest Web Analytics properties around, has been acquired by Yahoo! There is a lot of speculation about the magnitude of this transaction, a number of which are covered by Eric T. Peterson in an excellent article on the subject. According to Yahoo!'s press release on the subject, "the addition of the IndexTools' assets is intended to expand Yahoo!'s powerful set of services designed to maximize its clients' online marketing efforts."  Bassel Ojjeh, senior vice president and head of Yahoo!'s Strategic Data Solutions group furthermore says: "We expect that the IndexTools' technology platform will provide our customers the opportunity to more quickly uncover and act on these insights, enhancing Yahoo!'s status as a partner of choice in online marketing and the must buy for the world's advertisers."

Indexhoo! logoAlthough some speculators are projecting that this would indicate that Indextools will be incorporated into Yahoo!'s arsenal in a way similar to Google analytics, us optimists trust it will be allowed to have a life of its own. Yahoo! has made bigger purchases, such as Flickr without ruffling too many feathers, and I trust they will treat their latest asset with the same respect! Knowing Dennis R. Mortensen, who is staying on board in the capacity of Director of Data Insights at Yahoo! sure gives us hope that he won't allow Indextools to fade into the Yahoo! wallpaper. Congratulations to Dennis, Charlie and all our other Indextools friends. Even more so to Yahoo! for making a smart move.