Reykjavik University invests in IndexTools to improve website traffic
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14. ágúst 2007

Reykjavik University invests in IndexTools to improve website traffic

Reykjavik University has adopted the web analytics software IndexTools to analyse and improve its website after consultation from Nordic eMarketing.
Nordic eMarketing will combine data collected from IndexTools with information from other web analytics tools to evaluate Reykjavik University's website design. IndexTools is a sophisticated, browser-based tracking system which identifies and tracks visitors at every stage through websites.

"IndexTools gives us a great insight how our visitors are using our website and what we can do to optimise their experience, this then helps us develop our online services in benefit of our students and teachers", said the Marketing Manager at Reykjavik University, Alda Sigurdardottir.

Reykjavik University offers a number of under- and postgraduate degrees in disciplines such as engineering, business, law and public health. The university aims to become fully bilingual in English and Icelandic at the beginning of 2008. The MBA programme in English is especially competitive and attracts top academics from business schools all around the world. Through this partnership with Nordic eMarketing, the university hopes to bring its website in line with its high academic standards.

Nordic eMarketing has over ten years of experience in putting together complete Internet marketing solutions for companies and public organisations throughout Scandinavia and the UK. Nordic eMarketing's holistic approach to Internet marketing includes Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing (SEO/SEM), online brand protection, press release optimisation and distribution, PPC campaigns and ROI tracking through advanced web analytics.

For more information on Reykjavik University and their degree programmes in both English and Icelandic, visit: