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11. January 2007

Mr. Enthusiasm!!!

Nordic eMarketing's own Kristjan Mar Hauksson has been given the title of "Most Enthusiasm for Web Marketing 2006" from Web Certain.  If you have ever met Kristjan, been in the same room with him, or walked into a building that he happens to be in, you know that Web Certain got this one right. Who knew that his ADD would eventually become such a benefit? more

11. January 2007

Promoting Your Brand Online

Basically, this is a numbers no-brainer. The Pew Research Center has found that the number of people who use the Internet as their primary source of information is at 30 percent and rising. 70 percent of Americans and 52 percent of Europeans are now online, with some areas of Europe seeing a 600 percent growth in Internet use in the last five years. Google just found that Britons now spend more time surfing the net than watching television! World usage now tops 1 billion. From a marketing standp... more

8. January 2007

Nordic eMarketing's Director of Internet Marketing to speak at London's Search Engine Strategies Conference

Nordic eMarketing is pleased to announce that our own Director of Marketing, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, has been invited to present at the prestigious Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo in London, England. This will be Kristjan's third appearance at the world-renowned internet marketing event, and underscores the respect that Nordic eMarketing has in the world of Internet Marketing. SES London is recognized as one of the premier gatherings of internet marketing and search engine profess... more

6. January 2007

This holiday season, Santa came to the UK online

According to a recent BBC online News article, online sales in the UK were up 50% this holiday season. The boost has meant that 10%of every purchasing GPB spent came from purchases on the Web. Next, a High Street retailer that made an effort to boost online sales this year, saw Internet sales rise 15.3% while store sales fell 7.5% for 2006. But some companies weren?t ready for the drastic jump in Internet sales, with businesses like Music Zone issuing warnings to their brick-and-mortar stores... more

19. December 2006

The Benefits of an ePR Partnership

Is your company getting left behind? Effective electronic public relations is the key to online success. ePR is charging ahead into this new and exciting marketing environment.   Any company can throw your information out on the web and call the job done. With ePR, you can be assured that we will get the results that you expect, including:   Attracting customers with visibility on Google News, Yahoo! News, MSN, and ASK News, among many others. Continuous increase in link popula... more

5. December 2006

How Well Do Google, Ask, MSN, and Yahoo Perform Regional Searches?

Nordic eMarketing recently conducted a series of tests of Google's regional European performance. By conducting simple searches in Spain, Germany, and Iceland, we found that the top ten results varied in each country by as much as 40%. Total search results varied from 86,000 to 130,000 results for the same keywords. All of these major search engines use some combination of the following options when conducting a regional search: Search the entire Web Focus on pages written in the langua... more

4. December 2006

New employee

Erik J. Davidek has come onboard as our Executive Online Content Editor. Erik has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from Eastern Michigan University. Over the years he has been a lifeguard, built prosthetic legs, taught history to high school kids, and worked for Car and Driver Magazine. He brings to our company a solid foundation in the English language, extensive experience with other cultures, and his fantastic dance skills. more

24. November 2006

Internet Marketing conference in Greenland

Two employees from Nordic eMarketing recently went to Greenland and held an Internet Marketing conference. It took place in Nuuk the capital for employees in both domestic and international corporations. Our speakers received a great hospitality from the inhabitants of Nuuk and from all the participants in the event. The conference guests showed the subject a lot of interest and contributed to a great extend in the conference with questions and ideas. We look forward to work with the people of G... more