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16. November 2007

Nordic eMarketing on the go in Stockholm and London

Three members of Nordic eMarketing staff, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Olafur Kristinn Olafsson and Haraldur Fridgeirsson attended SMX, The Search Marketing Expo 2007 in Stockholm, and the eMetrics Summit 2007 which was held at the same venue. World leaders in the field of Internet marketing, both from the major search engines and the most respected consultation firms make up the list of speakers at the SMX events which are organized by Chris Sherman, the king of Internet marketing. Our own Kristjan M... more

27. October 2007

Once upon a page rank

Most professionals in (internet) marketing have a tendency to assume that the biggest corporations must be using the best technique... Not always true! Isn't bigger better? Whether they confess it or not... Most professionals in my field are in one way or another chasing the big numbers when it's about the elusive Page Rank. I won't join the PR debate... At Nordic eMarketing we regard it as an indicator at best but we like big numbers as well as the next guy. We have high ambitions for our... more

8. October 2007

Nordic eMarketing to attend SMX, Sweden

Nordic eMarketing will be attending the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) at the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden from Oct 31st - Nov 1st 2007. Director of Internet Marketing Kristjan Mar Hauksson has been invited to moderate at three workshop sessions and speak at one, thus demonstrating the respect that Nordic eMarketing has won in the world of search engine marketing. The two-day SMX conference and expo offers practical search engine marketing tips and techniques which companies can easily... more

24. September 2007

Reykjavik to host conference on digital marketing and the future of the music industry

Icelandic Music Export has partnered up with Nordic eMarketing and the Trade Council of Iceland to host an international conference on new marketing initiatives and the future of music on the internet. The conference will take place in Reykjavik on Wednesday 17 October 2007. With just 2% of music consumers paying for downloads, the challenge for the music industry has been to find ways to adapt and survive in the new world of the internet and 3G Technology.   The 'Who is in Control?' intern... more

14. August 2007

Reykjavik University invests in IndexTools to improve website traffic

Reykjavik University has adopted the web analytics software IndexTools to analyse and improve its website after consultation from Nordic eMarketing.   Nordic eMarketing will combine data collected from IndexTools with information from other web analytics tools to evaluate Reykjavik University's website design. IndexTools is a sophisticated, browser-based tracking system which identifies and tracks visitors at every stage through websites. "IndexTools gives us a great insight how our visitor... more

1. August 2007

Travel planner adopts IndexTools to monitor site traffic

After consultation with Nordic eMarketing, flight comparison engine Dohop has started using the web analytics solution IndexTools to track its site traffic., an award-winning travel website that allows users to search and compare cheap flights, has become the latest client of Nordic eMarketing to take up IndexTools for its web analytics solution. IndexTools uses a sophisticated, browser-based tracking system which identifies and tracks visitors through websites. As more and more mar... more

23. July 2007

Nordic eMarketing in new Icelandic music website venture

Nordic eMarketing is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new Icelandic music website;   The new website has been set up for Iceland Music Export (IMX), a government-sponsored initiative which is working to bring together the different genres of Icelandic music under one roof. The website is a free and fully-comprehensive resource for anyone interested in any aspect of Icelandic music. Nordic eMarketing has been responsible for organising the layout and... more

25. June 2007

Slowdown in online travel market

Research carried out by the World Travel & Tourism Council has shown that growth in personal travel spending by the 25 member states of the European Union is slowing down. The report, produced in association with the Oxford Economic Forum and Accenture, found that on and offline spending in the travel and tourism market cooled to 3.8% in 2006 after peaking at 4.9% in 2005. The slowdown in sales is set to continue over the next four years as the European online travel market reaches maturit... more