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Social Media Marketing

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Don‘t try to do everything and be everywhere?

Let us evaluate your needs before you start pouring money into a costly and time consuming social media campaign. We assist our clients to listen, understand and engage in conversations on social media channels. We engage in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more depending on the brand in question.

Normal advertising rules do not apply as communities are sensitive towards their unique code of conduct that is respected at all times. Adding value and building trust are key to our approach.



Twitter campaigns

Different social media call for different tactics as users like to be addressed in a certain way. A Twitter campaign voice needs to be simple, clear and fun. Twitter offers many exciting options in marketing and the rules of PPC apply, which makes it easy to manage the budget.

Does your company belong on Twitter?

We can answer it for you. First we need to analyze your needs, find out your possibilities and where you need to be visible in regards of your target audience.