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International Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Our staff has over 14 years of experience in the field of internet marketing. We have been working with and around search engines since 1996, and have built a satisfied client base of hundreds of companies around the world.  We offer professional search engine marketing services with an emphasis on using ethical and effective resources and methods. Download Internet Marketing Case Studies.
Nordic eMarketing is a group multilingual Internet marketing specialists focusing on search engine marketing in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. This includes countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Nordic eMarketing is a Reykjavik, Iceland based marketing consulting company (with offices in UK, USA and Norway) that provides internet marketing services such as link building, pay per click, search engine optimization and online PR to mention some.

Multilingual Internet Marketing

Over the years we have worked on regionally-oriented projects from the US and the UK, Scandinavia, and China. Though our main strength is our knowledge of the Scandinavian search engine landscape, Nordic eMarketing has worked on close to 40 markets in 20 plus languages. Whether you are looking for expertise with international internet marketing or localization, we can help you gain the marketing advantage that your business needs.

Choosing a search engine optimization company is never easy...

Search Engine Optimization can help your business considerably by bringing potential customers right to your doorstep. This is done by increasing the visibility and search engine ranking of your web site relative to your competitors. Today there are many SEO firms that make fantastic promises, offering unethical optimization tactics and charging you hidden fees. It can be a daunting task to find out how to differentiate the good from the bad.

The golden rule is that there can be no promises of success and no instant visibility on browsers like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. As soon as you hear these kinds of promises, cut your losses and get out quick!  Marketing through search engines the organic way takes patience and investment in time. But it also produces the most stable and reliable results, contributing to your lasting online success.

Look for the added value of your SEO/SEM partner

What does your provider offer you other than promises? - The answer may prove to be the secret ingredient of your success. Added value may come in the form of integrating advanced tools for analyzing your web site traffic and performance, having access to high ranking sites that can help you gain success faster, keeping you updated with the latest trends, and providing you with ongoing consultation on how to improve online performance. These are the things that we specialize in at Nordic eMarketing.

Search engines are now a fact of life in business, and the goal should be to establish a business relationship with a marketing company that adds continual value to your online marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Training

Nordic eMarketing offers instruction and seminars on SEO/SEM using internet marketing tools that are readily available for free that will help you optimize your sites and prepare them for the marketing phase.

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