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3. febrúar 2007

Google's Matt Cutts talks about search engine optimization traps

What are the infamous "Google search engine optimization traps" that Matt Cutts (The Google Guy) talked about at PubCon in Las Vegas last year? Duplicate content can create problems Overlapping content and overlapping pages on different URLs can provide a proplem in the way Google sees your sites, and can even cancel out pages so that none of them (or the wrong site/page) gets ranked. Very big sitemaps can cause problems They are just to big to read. Try spliting the sitemap into sm... more

26. september 2006

Nordic eMarketing's Holistic Internet Marketing Approach and the Implementation of your New Marketing Strategy

September 2006 - Content strategy   A June 2006 study by Outsell, as reported in TrendAlert: "2006 User Update - Information managers challenged to supply time-saving solutions and more efficient searches found that corporate and government sectors have increasingly turned to press releases for information, surpassing trade publications. The report cited developments such as Google News Alerts and RSS as contributing factors to the rise in popularity of press releases in business research."... more

18. september 2006

Promoting Yourself Online

Aritcle by Erik Davidek, Executive Online Content Editor September 2006   Why do it? Basically, this is a numbers no-brainer. The Pew Research Center has found that the number of people who use the Internet as their primary source of information is at 30 percent and rising. 70 percent of Americans and 52 percent of Europeans are now online, with some areas of Europe seeing a 600 percent growth in internet use in the last five years. Google just found that Britons now spend more time surfi... more

21. apríl 2006

My SEO SEM Toolbox, Internet Marketing Tools

by Kristjan M. Hauksson - 21.04.2006   Most of the time, search engine marketing basics remain unchanged. But for a beginner, optimizing a web site for the first time can be an intimidating assignment-and it's definitely not for the impatient. Over time I have collected over 400 URL's bookmarked under SEO & SEM Tools (this does not count all the programs I've BETA tested or purchased). Of all of the hundreds of programs and services I have seen and tested over the years, I use about 10 or 15... more

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